Alex Kanevsky




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AKdrawings002 AKdrawings003 AKdrawings007

Diego with His Knives 30"x 22"

J.H.2 22"x 30"

Ted. 22"x 30"

P.M. 22"x 30"


graphite pencil on paper

AKdrawings008 AKdrawings016 AKdrawings011

R.S. with Hands 22"x 30"

Engeneer's Body 22" x 28"

K.L. 30" x 22"

graphite pencil on paper

L.D.V .Twice 22"x 30"

L.D.V. 5 22"x 30"

J.W.I. 22"x 30"

graphite pencil on paper

AKdrawings023a AKdrawings022 AKdrawings020

L.D.V. 4 22"x 30"

L.D.V.with Reflection . 22"x 30"

J.W.I. Twice 22" x 30"

graphite pencil on paper

AKdrawings024 AKdrawings025 AKdrawings017